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Remote 2002 [JDRAMA]

Locked away deep in his home and hiding a secret that keeps him there, Detective Kozaburo Himuro remains ever vigilant in his duties of police work. But how does the wunderkind detective investigate crime scenes without ever stepping out of his home? Enter traffic cop Kurumi Ayaki. She′s a young lady who′s about to marry and resign from the force when tasked with being Himuro′s eyes and ears on the beat. While on the scene of the crime their only means of communication is via mobile phone. Together they investigate a series of mind-boggling murder mysteries that put them, particularly Kurumi, in constant danger. Can Kurumi keep up with Detective Himuro, and the fast-paced and dangerous work of criminal investigation?
(Source: Dramawiki)
~~ Adapted from the manga series "Remote" (リモート) written by Amagi Seimaru (天樹征丸) and illustrated by Koshiba Tetsuya (こしばてつや).

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Also known as: Rimoto

Genres: Mystery

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