image of drama Palace: The Locked Heart Jade 2011 [CDRAMA]

Palace: The Locked Heart Jade 2011 [CDRAMA]

It is easy to believe someone when they tell you something you want to hear. You believe someone you can easily approach and talk to; someone you can say things even if they are stupid. And teenager are persistent. They don′t stop until they find the answers to their questions.
An online clan group was started by a group of bored teenagers who are looking for fun (and beyond fun). In the group, they can exchange messages as well as photos and videos. The group was place where they can hang out.
There is where they meet.
Yugin thought that joining the group would make his busy and stressful days end with a smile. Luckily, he found someone.
Mike found himself bored and hurt that day and he exchanged messages with a stranger in the group in the hope of changing his predisposition that day. Did it work?
Everyone deserves to be happy.
Everybody deserves to be loved.
Love is an unknown guest.
Are you ready to welcome love?
From a complete stranger to a better virtual friend. Unidentified feeling.
Who will be fooled?
Who will be hurt?
From the creators of Locked Heart Lockdown (A Short Film) comes a new web series prequel to the film: GHOSTED.
(Source: Eugene Bernal Twitter Account)

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Genres: RomanceDrama

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