image of drama Otaku Type Delusion Girl (2007) [JDRAMA]

Otaku Type Delusion Girl (2007) [JDRAMA]

An omnibus special comprised of 4 segments:
1. Princess Club
Endo Minami lives modestly but peacefully with her husband and daughter in an apartment complex. One day, a man claiming to be Himeno, the manager of the princess club, shows up with an invitation to a ball...
2. Kobayashi Family Wonderland
One day, Tatsuya, a company employee, is suddenly summoned by his father. To his surprise, he is told that his parents′ house will open as "Kobayashi Family Wonderland," an ultra-new type of neighborhood theme park that will overturn the conventional concept of theme parks...
3. Gaze
College student Shintani Anna is attending class as usual when she notices that the eyes of the entire classroom are on her. Not only at the university, but also people she passes on the street, and even characters in TV dramas, are somehow "gazing" at her...
4. Rainbow
Nanjo Takuya has a twin-lens reflex camera that he fell in love with at first sight. When he looks into the camera to take a picture of a rainbow in the sky, he notices a beautiful girl staring at him. When he pulls the camera away from the girl′s face, he sees that there is no one there.
(Source: Japanese = FujiTV || Translation = Drama-Otaku)

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Also known as: Tales of the Bizarre: 2023 Summer Special

Genres: MysteryHorror

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