image of drama Orange Marmalade (2015) [KDRAMA]

Orange Marmalade (2015) [KDRAMA]

Set in a fantasy world where humans and vampires coexist, the latter have evolved and no longer rely on human blood as food. Still, they are feared and discriminated against by society, causing many of them to hide their true nature and live as "normal" citizens, or else become outcasts.
Baek Ma Ri is a socially withdrawn teenage girl hiding her vampire identity. Driven away from several neighborhoods, she is eager to settle down in her new city and live quietly. But things change when she falls in love with Jung Jae Min, the most popular boy at her high school.

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Also known as: Orenji Mamalleideu, Orenji Mamalreideu

Genres: HistoricalRomanceDramaSupernatural

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