image of drama Oppai Volleyball (2009) [JDRAMA]

Oppai Volleyball (2009) [JDRAMA]

Mikako is a young junior high school teacher who has just transferred to a new school. Excited to be starting a new job, she volunteers as a coach for a boys′ volleyball club. But she finds out that there is almost no activity in the club. There are only 5 members, and they are all losers who haven′t even touched a volleyball and only think about girls.
To give them the incentive to try hard, she promises them that she will show them her boobs if they win a game! Since then, the boys have started practicing extremely hard. Feeling uneasy but happy at the same time to see their attitude changing, Mikako starts to like and trust them. She also learns from them and gets back her confidence which she once lost.
Right before the day of the first game, ′the promise′ is discovered by the school side, and it becomes a big problem.
~~ Adapted from the novel "Oppai Volleyball" (おっぱいバレー) by Mizuno Munenori (水野宗徳).

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Also known as: Oppai Baree

Genres: ComedyYouthSports

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