image of drama Onnanoko Monogatari (2009) [JDRAMA]

Onnanoko Monogatari (2009) [JDRAMA]

Natsumi Takahara is a 30 year old manga artist going through a personal slump. She spends her afternoons drinking beer and dozing off on the sofa for naps. She doesn′t seem to have any intentions to work and she shows no signs of snapping out of her funk.
One day, her editor asks Natsumi coarsely if she even has any friends. The question suddenly brings back Natsumi′s memories of her childhood days when she grew up in a small village. Back then she could watch the ocean and mountains, while bonding with her close friends Misa and Kimiko. Those memories then sparks a change in Natsumi and she now feels the desire to change her ways ...

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Also known as: Onnanoko Monogatari, Things When I Was A Girl, Girl′s Story

Genres: LifeYouthDrama

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