image of drama Onmyouji (2013) [JDRAMA]

Onmyouji (2013) [JDRAMA]

It is the active role of Shinyoji, Abe Haruaki, who pays a wagmhosts of the world in the Heian period. In this drama, the theme is "the emotions of women", which appear in each story.
1st story: "Genshou"
2nd story: "the Oni"
3rd story: "Superstition"
4th story: "Iron Ring (Lasso)’’
5th story: "Ruchi"
6th story: "Onikomachi"
7th story: "In response to de "
8th story: "Yuki Onino-Michi"
9th story: "The demons of mind”
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Also known as: 阴阳师 第一集

Genres: HistoricalHorror

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