image of drama Onmyoji (2001) [JDRAMA]

Onmyoji (2001) [JDRAMA]

It is the eleventh century and the Heian emperor knows that the spirit world is against the continuation of his line. He calls upon the masters of the yin-yang arts to protect him. This band is, however, itself divided by enmity. The envious Doson resents the talented Abe no Seimei, casts a spell on the infant heir and transforms it into a hideous creature. Seimei calls upon supernatural aid and cures the child but Doson works his evil ways once more and creates a demon set to murder both child and mother.
~~ Adapted from the novel series "Onmyouji" (陰陽師) by Yumemakura Baku (夢枕獏).

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Also known as: The Yin Yang Master, Onmyōji, Onmyouji

Genres: HistoricalMysteryHorrorFantasy

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