image of drama One Upon A Time (2017) [CDRAMA]

One Upon A Time (2017) [CDRAMA]

After the armies of the Eight-Nation Alliance occupied Beijing, the collapse of the Qing Dynasty is imminent. Wong Fei-hung and his companions return to Foshan in southern China and prepare to move to Hong Kong (then a British colony). In the meantime, Wong Fei-hung develops a love triangle with his romantic interests 13th Aunt and 14th Aunt.
When they arrive at the port town, they see that the town is in a desolate state, as the authorities had fled with all the public funds, leaving the local army garrison without any money or food. The situation worsens with the presence of pirates, who terrorise the coast and seal off the sea route. Wong and his companions decide to form a local crime prevention force to deal with the threats, leading to three confrontations with the pirates and eventual victory for the protagonists. Wong and his family decide to settle in Hong Kong to help the local government maintain peace and security. (source: wikipedia)

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Also known as: Once Upon a Time in China V,

Genres: ActionHistoricalMartial Arts

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image of drama Kindaichi Shonen No Jikenbo N (neo) (2014) [JDRAMA]

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