image of drama Old Boy (2018) [CDRAMA]

Old Boy (2018) [CDRAMA]

Oh Dae Soo was imprisoned in a cell which resembles in a hotel room for 15 years without knowing his captor′s motives. When he is finally released, Dae Soo finds himself still trapped in a web of conspiracy and violence. His own quest for vengeance becomes tied in with romance when he falls for an attractive sushi chef, Mi Do.
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Also known as: Oldboy, Oldeuboi, Oldeu Boi, 올드 보이

Genres: ActionThrillerMysteryPsychological

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Old Boy EP01.mp4 3 951.3MB
Old Boy EP02.mp4 3 936.8MB
Old Boy EP03.mp4 3 935.3MB
Old Boy EP04.mp4 3 948MB
Old Boy EP05.mp4 3 822.6MB
Old Boy EP06.mp4 3 948MB
Old Boy EP07.mp4 3 927.2MB
Old Boy EP08.mp4 3 854.5MB
Old Boy EP09.mp4 3 880.4MB
Old Boy EP10.mp4 3 950.2MB
Old Boy EP11.mp4 3 953.7MB
Old Boy EP12.mp4 3 949.2MB
Old Boy EP13.mp4 3 947.8MB
Old Boy EP14.mp4 3 940.2MB
Old Boy EP15.mp4 3 952.8MB
Old Boy EP16.mp4 3 936.3MB
Old Boy EP17.mp4 3 958.1MB
Old Boy EP18.mp4 3 964.3MB
Old Boy EP19.mp4 3 960.5MB
Old Boy EP20.mp4 3 943.1MB
Old Boy EP21.mp4 3 941.9MB
Old Boy EP22.mp4 3 946.2MB
Old Boy EP23.mp4 3 886MB
Old Boy EP24.mp4 3 930.2MB
Old Boy EP25.mp4 3 958.1MB
Old Boy EP26.mp4 3 957.2MB
Old Boy EP27.mp4 3 952MB
Old Boy EP28.mp4 3 948.7MB
Old Boy EP29.mp4 3 921.6MB
Old Boy EP30.mp4 3 961.5MB
Old Boy EP31.mp4 3 911MB
Old Boy EP32.mp4 3 911MB
Old Boy EP33.mp4 3 926MB
Old Boy EP34.mp4 3 883.5MB
Old Boy EP35.mp4 3 904.6MB
Old Boy EP36.mp4 3 914.9MB
Old Boy EP37.mp4 3 942.6MB
Old Boy EP38.mp4 3 886.4MB
Old Boy EP39.mp4 3 912.6MB
Old Boy EP40.mp4 3 865.3MB
Old Boy EP41.mp4 3 869.2MB
Old Boy EP42.mp4 3 867.2MB
Old Boy EP43.mp4 3 895.4MB
Old Boy EP44.mp4 3 926.1MB
Old Boy EP45 End.mp4 3 910.6MB

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