image of drama Okashi no Ie (2015) [JDRAMA]

Okashi no Ie (2015) [JDRAMA]

Sakurai Taro’s parents died young. His grandmother, Akiko, has been making great effort to protect her struggling candy store, Sakuraya, in the old part of Tokyo, but it′s not easy. Taro eats candy with regular customers such as childhood friend Saegusa Hiroki who aspires to be a scriptwriter, and talk nonsense, like in their youth. However, they realize this unfettered, comfortable existence will end some day with the passage of time. Then Taro’s ex-classmate, Kimura Reiko, comes back home with her son after a divorce. He and his friends start to notice what is truly important to them as they face up to their pasts, dreams and pains.
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Also known as: Candy House, House of Sweets, Taro′s Candy House

Genres: ComedyRomanceLife

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