image of drama Okaasan, Musume o Yamete Ii desu ka (2017) [JDRAMA]

Okaasan, Musume o Yamete Ii desu ka (2017) [JDRAMA]

This story describes how the mother Akiko and daughter Mizuki are like best friends and lovers. The nature of their relationship does bother Mizuki's father Koji but he is too busy with work to do anything about it. Just then, when the family is planning to build a new house, they meet Matsushima who is assigned to be in charge of their construction project. At first, both Akiko and Mizuki hit it off with Matsushima which leads Akiko to encourage Mizuki to date him. However, once Mizuki starts going out with Matsushima, she realizes how she had been tightly controlled by her mother all this while and attempts to break free from this unhealthy relationship between them. When Akiko realizes what is going on, she resorts to extreme measures i.e. seducing Matsushima in order to get her beloved daughter back.

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Also known as: Mother, Can I Quit Being Your Daughter?

Genres: SuspenseRomanceFamilyMature

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