image of drama Oh Oku The Women Of The Inner Palace (2006) [JDRAMA]

Oh Oku The Women Of The Inner Palace (2006) [JDRAMA]

The year is Seitoku 2 (1712), and Japan has a new ruler. But Ietsugu, the 7th Tokugawa shogun, is only four years old. The power vacuum this creates has Edo Castle roiling in political intrigue and personal positioning of all kinds. One of Ietsugu′s first acts is to employ a Noh actor, Akifusa Manabe, as his aide-de-camp, which naturally doesn′t sit well with senior shogunal councilors. In the Oh-Oku inner palace, the woman who stands to lose the most influence and prestige is the deceased Shogun′s wife, Ten′ei-in, for she is not Ietsugu′s biological mother. That distinction goes to a beautiful young concubine, Gekkoin, whose usurpation of the Shogunate bloodline has earned her the animosity of Ten′ei-in and her following.

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Also known as: Ooku 6, Oh-oku: The Movie

Genres: HistoricalRomanceDrama

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