image of drama Oh My General (2017) [CDRAMA]

Oh My General (2017) [CDRAMA]

During the Song Dynasty, Ye Zhao cross dresses to become a general of outstanding ability, receiving a top rank of general. The Empress Dowager constantly worries about Ye Zhao holding too much power and took the opportunity to betroth Ye Zhao to one of the Emperor's nephews, the no-good Prince of Nanping, Zhao Yujin, who possesses remarkable beauty but is pampered, lazy and spends his time on "useless" artistic pursuits. Thus, the story of the real battle of who will take power in this new household begins.
~~ Adapted from a novel "General Above I am Below" (将军在上我在下) by Ju Hua San Li.

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Also known as: Jiang Jun Zai Shang, Zoeng Gwan Zoi Soeng, Jiang Jun Zai Shang Wo Zai Xia, Zoeng Gwan Zoi Soeng Ngo Zoi Haa, 将军在上我在下, 將軍在上, 將軍在上我在下

Genres: MilitaryHistoricalComedyRomance

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