image of drama OH! My Emperor (season 2) (2018) [CDRAMA]

OH! My Emperor (season 2) (2018) [CDRAMA]

Luo Fei Fei, a 21st-century doctor, is transported to a mysterious world of the past: Huang Dao Guo. In that nation, leadership is rotated among the twelve constellations every thousand years. The current emperor is Bei Tang Yi of the Capricorn constellation, whom Fei Fei soon encounters.
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Also known as: I Want You, Emperor, Oh! My Majesty, The Emperor, Who Rules My World, O! Wo De Huang Di Bi Xia, Zhe Ge Huang Shang Wo Yao Le, 这个皇上我要了, 這個皇上我要了, Oh! My Emperor Season One, Oh! My Emperor Season 1

Genres: HistoricalComedyRomanceFantasy

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