image of drama Nozaki Shuhei Auditor of Bank (2018) [JDRAMA]

Nozaki Shuhei Auditor of Bank (2018) [JDRAMA]

It tells the story of a bank auditor pursuing justice and policy changes at a time when an economic bubble is collapsing. No Dae Ho is an honest and sincere man. He works as a branch manager at Daehan Bank, which is located in a small city. The branch is on a soon-to-be shutdown list. Surprisingly, No Dae Ho is promoted to the auditor at the bank’s headquarters in Seoul. No Dae Ho then faces corruption at the bank.
~~ Adapted from the manga “Kansayaku Nozaki Shuhei” written by Ryouka Shuu and illustrated by Shigeru Noda.

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Also known as: Deo Baengkeo

Genres: BusinessDramaPolitical

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