image of drama Nouhime 2 (2013) [JDRAMA]

Nouhime 2 (2013) [JDRAMA]

In the year Eiroku 3 (1560), Nouhime, her husband Oda Nobunaga, Oda’s younger sister Oichi, mother Korinin, young concubines and three children born of these women live together at Kiyosu Castle. This is the Warring States Period, a tumultuous time. The feudal lord Imagawa Yoshimoto of Sunpu is about to start an invasion of Owari. His mighty army numbers 25,000 while Nobunaga’s forces are a mere 2,000. Nobunaga is no match for him. At this time, Nobunaga is served by Shibata Katsuie, Kinoshita Tokichiro and other men who are concerned how Nobunaga will respond to Imagawa’s invasion. However, they do not have easy access to Nobunaga who has grown more intimidating ever since his younger brother Nobuyuki’s attack. It is Nouhime who is their go-between. Katsuie has lost patience with Nobunaga who has avoided making a decision since any move would only result in their crushing defeat. Nouhime speaks to Nobunaga, telling him that this is the turning point that will determine if he will conquer the nation or end as up a fool. Her words prompt him to issue the surprising order to hole themselves up in the castle. Katsuie and others are exasperated that he would do this without even a fight. Only Tokichiro declares that he understands Nobunaga’s thoughts and spreads word. Imagawa’s troops soon enter Okazaki Castle which is near the border with Owari. Dawn gradually comes and word comes of an attack on their stronghold. Hearing that, Nobunaga suddenly orders Tokichiro to blow the war horn. That is to show that they have no intent to fight and is the start of a surprise attack pitting a force a tenth of the size of Imagawa’s in the Battle of Okehazama. Learning of Nobunaga’s decision, Nouhime leads the women and makes some move. Nobunaga’s name rings out all over the land because he crushed Imagawa at the age of 27. He now plans to accomplish what Imagawa had failed to do; to proceed to the capital of Kyoto. An alliance with the Azais of Omi is necessary for that. Nobunaga decides to let Oichi marry Azai Nagamasa. However, his mother is vehemently opposed to marrying her daughter off to the enemy. Meanwhile, Nouhime happens to meet Tokichiro’s love interest Nene and the two ladies take a liking to each other. Furthermore, Nouhime’s cousin Akechi Mitsuhide visits Nobunaga with a letter from Ashikaga Yoshiaki. Mitsuhide is the man who was infatuated with Nouhime during his childhood...

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Genres: Historical

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