image of drama Nippon Noir (2019) [JDRAMA]

Nippon Noir (2019) [JDRAMA]

Yusa Kiyoharu from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is a cool-headed detective who is in charge of the investigation frontline and will do whatever it takes to achieve his objectives. One day, when he wakes up in a forest, he finds a gun in his right hand, and a dead female detective lying beside him. This woman was his superior.
Did he kill her or was he set up by someone? There is a gap of several months in his memory. Yusa’s buddies turn enemies overnight and he is pursued as a murder suspect. His only partner is a young boy who was the female detective’s only son. Eventually, the case gets linked with the truth of the unsolved 1 billion yen heist.

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Also known as: Nippon Noir: Keiji Y no Hanran

Genres: MysterySci-Fi

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