image of drama Nichiren to moko daishurai (1958) [JDRAMA]

Nichiren to moko daishurai (1958) [JDRAMA]

As Japan prepares to face the greatest crisis in the 1200s, a solitary Monk named Nichiren Daishonin proposes a theory that, while it goes against commonly held beliefs of the time, still offers a possible solution. His firm belief in the teachings of the “Lotus Sutra” leads first to grave problems, including attempts on his life, and exiled to a penal colony on Sado Island; a place from which nobody has ever returned. How Nichiren overcame these obstacles to lead Japan in prayer as the Mongol fleet approached is one of the great stories from Japanese history, and must be seen to be believed. Never before, and never since, has a motion picture told the story of how the Japanese battled on the beaches, while the Gods themselves massed their great Typhoon, called “Kamikaze” to defeat Kublai Khan’s overwhelming hordes!

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Also known as: Nichiren to moko daishurai

Genres: 日蓮と蒙古大襲来

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