image of drama Mystery Queen (2017) [KDRAMA]

Mystery Queen (2017) [KDRAMA]

Yoo Seol Ok has always wanted to become a police officer for her entire life. One day, she gets to know a passionate detective. And, he gives her an opportunity to make her dream come true. They work on mysterious cases together.
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Also known as: Chooriui Yeowang, Queen of Mystery Season 1, Mystery Queen Season 1

Genres: ActionMysteryComedyDrama

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image of drama Don't Call it Mystery (2022) [JDRAMA]

Don't Call it Mystery (2022) [JDRAMA]

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image of drama Queen of Mystery 2 (2018) [KDRAMA]

Queen of Mystery 2 (2018) [KDRAMA]

Queen of Mystery is back! Housewife-turned-investigator Yoo Seol Ok and passionate detective Wan Seung collaborate to solve mysterious cases and cure the hearts of those who were wounded by crimes along the way.
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