image of drama My Wife's Having an Affair This Week (2016) [KDRAMA]

My Wife's Having an Affair This Week (2016) [KDRAMA]

She's too far to keep close...

Myeong-cheol's childish wife Natrey's wailing her time away Korean dramas again today. It's been 6 months since she came to Korea but she is still not sure of housework and Korean.

Others say Myeong-cheol is lucky to have such a cute wife but to him she's just a wife who he can't get used to and too far away to get close to.

He fell in read morelove for the first time in his life...

Natrey helps out at the orchard to cut branches and stops by the health center for her cold and falls in love with Eun-woo, the doctor there. Natrey forgets her husband's birthday but doesn't forget to give Eun-woo a scarf and spends the nights up trying to learn Korean to wirte love letters to him.

Natrey has the best moments of her life and does something called love. On the other hand, Myeong-cheol's fist love returns years and years later, a luxury madame. However, Eun-yeong says she might get divorced and Myeong-cheol weakens...

The couple goes different ways...

Natrey and Myeong-cheol go out the neighborhood but he recieves a call from Eun-yeong and leaves so Natrey goes on a date with Eun-woo. She is enchanted by everything and anything he says. Myeong-cheol runs over to Eun-yeong and can't get out of the memories of his first love as they walk the orchard. He becomes the White Knight in front of her husband as well. Does love make someone change?

My wife's first love...

Myeong-cheol sees Natrey jumping into the reservoir one day while delivering apples and is shocked. However, he learns that it is to save Eun-woo and starts being jealous. Natrey's hurt by Eun-woo and Myeong-cheol's cold attitudes and Eun-yeong who seemed like she was getting divorced says goodbye to Myeong-cheol a second time. Myeong-cheol thinks about love once again through her. Natrey confesses her love to Eun-woo.

Myeong-cheol has to forget the love that's gone and embrace his wife...Will he be able to keep the peace in his family?

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