image of drama My Tutor Friend (2003) [KDRAMA]

My Tutor Friend (2003) [KDRAMA]

Su Wan is a sophomore in college, and she works part-time as a tutor to cover her tuition since her father lost his job and started a small chicken eatery. It′s been only 7 days since she started teaching her new student, and already she′s been sacked. "No tutoring, no tuition," declares her mother to make sure she understands she has no choice. So Su Wan is back on the market and meets her next challenge - the impossible, the unconquerable and the unreformable Ji Hoon.
Su Wan is determined not to lose this job since she doesn′t want to disappoint her Mom. And from then on, things start happening one after another.

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Also known as: Donggabnaegi Gwawoehagi, Donggapnaegi Gwawoehagi

Genres: ComedyRomanceYouth

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