image of drama My Sassy Girl (2017) [KDRAMA]

My Sassy Girl (2017) [KDRAMA]

Gyun-Woo (Cha Tae-Hyun), who can't forget the sassy girl, meets his first love (Victoria). He fell in love with her when they were in elementary school. At the time, other kids teased her because she wasn't very good with Korean.

Despite the opposition of others, Gyun-Woo and his first love marry. What awaits for Gyun-Woo goes beyond his imagination.

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Also known as: Yeob-gi-jeok-in geu-nyeo 2, Yeobgijeokin geunyeo 2, 我的新野蛮女友, Yeopgijeogin Doobunjjae Geunyeo, 엽기적인 두번째 그녀, My Sassy Girl 2,

Genres: ComedyRomanceDrama

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