image of drama My Lucky Star [TWDRAMA]

My Lucky Star [TWDRAMA]

Lunar New Year comedies are supposed to be light, funny and essentially disposable. Mega-cinematic quality is not required as long as the stars are pretty and the laughs generally good. My Lucky Star, the latest Lunar New Year fluff-fest from Golden Harvest ace director Vincent Kok, certainly fits the bill with its Feng Shui-themed plot and "fresh" pairing of Tony Leung Chiu-Wai and Miriam Yeung. There's even a duet between the stars and a passel of "name" cameos to satiate the star gawkers. They just left out one thing: the laughs.
Yeung plays Yip Koo-Hung, an incessantly spritely girl who's known as the "Queen of Bad Luck." She's overly superstitious and uses Feng Shui to predict her days, though her success rate isn't especially high. She believes only one man can save her: Lai Liu-Po (Leung), a celebrated Feng Shui master who's also a hit with the ladies. However, his practice has a few important rules, one of which prohibits him from knowing anyone with the surname Yip. It seems that long ago, the ancestors of both Hung and Liu-Po were involved in a Feng Shui disaster which doomed Hung's family and generally made a mess of things. Hung is aware of this rule, and pretends to be named Leung to get around it. She also is immediately smitten with Liu-Po, which is hardly surprising because he's played by Tony Leung.

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Also known as: Hang Yun Chao Re, Hung wun chiu yun, Xing Yun Chao Ren

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