image of drama My Little Chef [JDRAMA]

My Little Chef [JDRAMA]

Seri, an unknown yet talented female chef from the country, arrives in Tokyo to work at French restaurant, ′Étoile′, but discovers that they have gone out of business due to the departure of their main chef. Together with the restaurant′s former manager, she opens a French restaurant of her own, named ′Petit Étoile′, and begins to recreate the flavors her late father mastered as a famous gourmet chef. Unfortunately, ′Étoile′ returns with an unscrupulous manager, and to make matters worse, Seri learns that it happens to be owned by her birth mother living in Paris who she hasn′t seen since she was a child. Seri wonders if her passion and skill will be enough to succeed.
(Source: TBS)

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Also known as: Mai Ritoru Shefu

Genres: FoodComedy

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