image of drama My Husband Oh Jak Doo (2018) [KDRAMA]

My Husband Oh Jak Doo (2018) [KDRAMA]

There is a woman who has chosen to stay single. She cannot afford to get married, nor is she confident she can get married. However, she is scared of living alone. Although she is not in a situation where she can marry someone, she needs the blanket of security and perception that she is married to address her fears and other struggles as a single woman. This is why Han Seung Joo decides to hire a man to be her stand-in husband. The man she chooses is Oh Jak Doo. This drama depicts the process of Han Seung Joo, the materialistic protagonist, meeting Oh Jak Doo, the innocent stand-in husband, and finding true love and happiness.
(Source: MBC America)

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Also known as: Derel Husband Odo, My Husband Oh Jak-doo, My Husband, Mr.Oh!, My Contracted Husband, Mr. Oh

Genres: RomanceDramaMelodrama

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