image of drama My girl (2005) [KDRAMA]

My girl (2005) [KDRAMA]

Thai remake of the korean drama ''My Girl''.
Linin takes on all kids of odd jobs to pay off her father's debts. Purith's grandfather is severely ill and has been searching for his estranged daughter and granddaughter in vain. Purith asks Linin to act as his missing cousin to fulfill his grandfather's last wishes while he searches for the real cousin. She agrees and soon they start developing feelings for each other. Mark, Pu's playboy relative is smitten by Linin while Penny, Pu's ex-fiancé tries to win him back.
Will Pu ever find his real cousin? Will suspicious Aunt So discover their lies? Will they ever be able to love each other freely?

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Also known as: My Girl Thailand, My Girl 18: Mongkut Soot Tee Rak

Genres: ComedyRomanceFamily

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My Girl 2.rmvb 2 289.7MB
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My Girl 4.rmvb 2 243.4MB
My Girl 5.rmvb 2 205.9MB
My Girl 6.rmvb 2 239.7MB
My Girl 7.rmvb 2 214.6MB
My Girl 8.rmvb 2 208.6MB
My Girl 9.rmvb 2 230.1MB
My Girl 10.rmvb 2 238.2MB
My Girl 11.rmvb 2 208.3MB
My Girl 12.rmvb 2 214.2MB
My Girl 13.rmvb 2 202.7MB
My Girl 14.rmvb 2 222.1MB
My Girl 15.rmvb 2 247MB
My Girl 16.rmvb 2 213.9MB
My Girl OST.rar 2 64MB

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