image of drama My First Love is Secret Love (2021) [CDRAMA]

My First Love is Secret Love (2021) [CDRAMA]

In her high school days, chubby Zhu Qian Shuang liked the popular male student Qiao Ye but she did not dare to confess to him and could only make up her mind to lose weight. After trying a variety of weight loss methods such as dieting, diet pills, vomiting, electrotherapy, etc., Zhu Qian Shuang not only failed to lose weight, she suffered ridicule and was ostracized by her peers. Zhu Qian Shuang's long-standing efforts were for nothing, and her crush ended without any outcome. After graduation, the two went their separate ways, as if they had never crossed paths, but what she didn't know was that the joy and sorrow she had experienced had also happened to Qiao Ye, but the two did not express their feelings due to various reasons. The two people who taught each other how to be brave missed each other, disappearing from the other's youth.
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Also known as: Wǒ De Chūliàn Shì ànliàn, Wo De Chu Lian Shi An Lian

Genres: RomanceSchoolYouth

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