image of drama MW Chapter 0 Akuma no Game [JSPECIAL]

MW Chapter 0 Akuma no Game [JSPECIAL]

The drama is is set several months before the actual story in Tezuka's manga. The main character is a man named Takashi Morioka, who has lost his job and his home due to a recession. He ends up falling into a trap set by the diabolical Yuki Michio, and in order to protect the things important to him, he is forced to stain his hands in evil.

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Genres: Action

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image of drama MW 2009 AND MW CHAPTER 0 (2009) [JDRAMA]

MW 2009 AND MW CHAPTER 0 (2009) [JDRAMA]

In November 1884, at the end of Yi dynasty, there are severe conflicts among the conservatives who depend upon China, then Queen Min's family and the reformers who incline to Japan to take royal power each other. Kim Ok Kyun, one of the...