image of drama Musume no Kekkon (2018) [JDRAMA]

Musume no Kekkon (2018) [JDRAMA]

Kunieda Takahiko lives with his daughter Miki. He raised her single-handedly after his wife Yoshimi passed away. One day, Miki announces there is someone she wants him to meet. However, Takahiko cannot make up his mind to meet him for some reason, and ends up pouring out his feelings to his friend Shibayama Yoshiro. Miki’s boyfriend is her childhood friend Makoto. He is the son of a former neighbour Furuichi Toshiyuki and Keiko who used to live in the apartment building. But the biggest problem is that Keiko seems to be a troublemaker. What truth will Takahiko arrive at as he quietly struggles with his wife’s words and the happiness of his precious daughter.
~~ Adapted from a novel "Musume no Kekkon" by Shoji Yukiya

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Also known as: My Daughter's Marriage

Genres: DramaFamily

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