image of drama Mottomo Tooi Ginga (2013) [JDRAMA]

Mottomo Tooi Ginga (2013) [JDRAMA]

Detective Watari Seiichiro of Otaru Police Precinct in Hokkaido has reached retirement age and has some unfinished business. Seven years ago, the corpse of a female which had almost decomposed to the point that it was just skeleton was found in the sea of Otaru. If the body could not be identified, the investigation would have to be aborted so the case went unsolved. He wanted to at least establish the identity of the female. A chagrined Watari left the precinct without fulfilling his wish. Three years after his retirement, Watari unexpectedly discovers a clue that may solve that case. However, he is told by his doctor that he has a limited life expectancy. He does not have much time. If he does not take action here and now... Watari's tenacity as a detective is resurrected. Going against the opposition of his wife Suzuko, who does not know about his illness, he starts to "reinvestigate" with detective Saotome Kaoru of the Otaru Police Precinct. Kaoru has been ordered by her superior to keep tabs on Watari. First, they go up to Tokyo to meet the popular jewellery designer Lee Kyong Ae who had given the clue. However, Kyong Ae has gone on a business trip to South Korea. She has for some reason disappeared as if she has run away. She probably does not want to speak to Watari. Watari links up with his son Ryoichi who works at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's First Investigative Division, but is accused by Ryoichi of the reason for his obsession with the case 10 years earlier. That is the painful memories of the drowning of his young daughter Kozue, 20 years ago. Like that unidentified body, Kozue had also lost her life in that same sea ... Before long Watari gets to the up-and-coming architecture designer Kiryu Haruyuki. Kiryu is talented and good looking but would stop at nothing to succeed in his company. One day, he meets Seike Akane, the beautiful daughter of Sunrise Construction's president. Akane, who looks exactly like his dead girlfriend Ebata Misato, is the leading candidate to succeed her father. She lets Kiryu participate in her company's hotel competition and soon falls for him. In order to fulfill his ambition, Kiryu is about to plow forward with grave determination. What is his connection to the case 10 years ago?

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Also known as: Most Distant Galaxy

Genres: SuspenseCrimeDramaDetective

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