image of drama Misty (2018) [KDRAMA]

Misty (2018) [KDRAMA]

Eyewitness accounts of a rape (wife) and a murder (husband) are given, each being drastically different from the last.

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Genres: Drama

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image of drama The Virtual Bride 2015 [KDRAMA]

The Virtual Bride 2015 [KDRAMA]

Oh In Yeong is a former idol group singer. She belonged to a popular 4 member girl group, but, now, she isn't very popular anymore. In order to boost her flagging popularity, In Yeong agrees to appear in a television reality show that pairs up...

image of drama Go Ahead (2020) [CDRAMA]

Go Ahead (2020) [CDRAMA]

The story revolves around three troubled youths who find solace in their common experiences to become the best family that they can be for each other.
Growing up in dysfunctional households, three individuals who are unrelated by blood treat each...

image of drama Boku no Ita Jikan (2014) [JDRAMA]

Boku no Ita Jikan (2014) [JDRAMA]

Sawada Takuto is an ordinary university student. One day, he learns that he has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and doesn't have much time left to live. Instead of wallowing in despair, Takuto tries to live his life actively.