image of drama Misty (2018) [KDRAMA]

Misty (2018) [KDRAMA]

Eyewitness accounts of a rape (wife) and a murder (husband) are given, each being drastically different from the last.

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image of drama Kahogo no Kahoko (2017) [JDRAMA]

Kahogo no Kahoko (2017) [JDRAMA]

Nemoto Kahoko is a naive 21-year-old university student. She relies on her mother, Izumi, for everything in her life. Her mother wakes her up everyday, picks up her clothes, while Kahoko Nemoto has never done housework or driven a car. One day,...

image of drama Strongest Deliveryman (2017) [KDRAMA]

Strongest Deliveryman (2017) [KDRAMA]

Choi Kang Soo is a deliveryman. In spite of his humble beginnings, Choi Kang Soo is fearless and gives it all in everything he does. Lee Dan Ah is another delivery worker. She hates her current socioeconomic status so much that she, like many young...

image of drama Rent a Girlfriend for New Year (2010) [DRAMA]

Rent a Girlfriend for New Year (2010) [DRAMA]

Chu Xiao Xiao, is an independent, liberal thinking, wealthy, college student raised by a single mother. When her family goes bankrupt and her mother goes missing, Xiao Xiao is forced to find a job to pay off creditors. Sun Yi Wei is the serious and...