image of drama Miss S (2020) [CDRAMA]

Miss S (2020) [CDRAMA]

Miss Su Wen Li, a beautiful and witty socialite, forms an unlikely detective duo with the righteous and serious inspector Luo Qiuheng. Despite their many differences, the pair share an undeniable chemistry and - of course - go on to solve many cases together in and around Shanghai, all while Su Wen Li chases clues behind her sister's disappearance, which happened ten years ago, yet is forever a thorn in her heart. (Source: SBS on Demand)
~~ Remake of the Australian TV series "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries" [2012].

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Also known as: Miss S Murder Mysteries, Qi Pao Mei Tan, Ai Si Xiao Jie Tan An Ji, 爱思小姐探案集

Genres: HistoricalMysteryRomance

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旗袍美探.2020.EP07.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 643MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP08.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 666.6MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP09.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 651.9MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP10.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 651.8MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP11.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 710.9MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP12.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 716.8MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP13.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 721MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP14.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 701.7MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP15.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 758.3MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP16.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 740.1MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP17.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 583.8MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP18.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 774.7MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP19.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 742.4MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP20.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 692MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP21.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 702.3MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP22.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 725MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP23.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 776.1MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP24.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 780.2MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP25.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 855.5MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP26.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 808MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP27.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 823MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP28.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 720.9MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP29.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 753.5MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP30.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 850.8MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP31.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 824.1MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP32.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 655.4MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP33.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 632.5MB
旗袍美探.2020.EP34.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS.BDE4.mp4 2 818.5MB

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