image of drama Mioka [JDRAMA]

Mioka [JDRAMA]

One day, Taichi, an ordinary university student meets Mioka, a girl who is like a storm. Taichi finds himself drawn to Mioka, who lives freely as she wishes without holding back, and they eventually fall in love. However, Mioka tells Taichi of her shocking truth. She has an incurable brain disease, with no medicine or treatment that can help her.

The progressing disease.

The loss of control over her own body.

The precious memories slowly fading away.

The fear of losing herself.

The limited time she has left.

Even with such a cruel fate, Mioka lives her life to the fullest extent till the end. Taichi, wholeheartedly loving her, decides to become the witness of her very existence in this world. --NTV

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Genres: Drama

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