image of drama Meow, the Secret Boy (2020) [KDRAMA]

Meow, the Secret Boy (2020) [KDRAMA]

A graphic designer in her mid-twenties, Sol Ah harbors dreams of becoming a web-based comic author and has always had a love-hate relationship with cats.
But Sol Ah’s life changes fast when she brings home a friendly feline. It turns out, however, that this is not any old cat. Named Hong Jo, he can take human form. Hong Jo becomes exceptionally fond of Sol Ah and goes to great pains to hide his human identity from her. He soon proves that he will do anything that is required in order to stay near her.
Will Hong Jo manage to keep his identity a secret?
And what could be in store for this remarkable feline-human duo as their relationship deepens?
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~~ Adapted from the webtoon series "Welcome" by Go A Ra.

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Also known as: Sigppang Gubneun Namja, Man Who Bakes Bread, The Man Who Bakes Bread, Man Who Toasts Bread, Man That Bakes Bread, Come Here, Come On, Eosowa, Welcome Home, Sikbbang Goobneun Namja, Eoseowa, Welcome, You′re back

Genres: ComedyRomanceDramaFantasy

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