image of drama Maids 2014 [KDRAMA]

Maids 2014 [KDRAMA]

Yonimo Kimyouna Monogatari Spring Edition 2014 (Fuji TV, 05 April 2014) once again features five bizarre tales, narrated by Tamori as "The Story-Teller". For Spring 2014, this special stars (in order of appearance): Tamamori Yuta as a down-on-his-luck college grad who lives with a holographic image of a female maid/servant; Watanabe Eri as a divorcee who feels uncomfortable with her new-found friendship with a so-called "graveyard buddy"; Nounen Rena as a high read moreschooler who delves too much into her fantasies of Samurai warlords; Eikura Nana as a TV director who gets into an accident and sees her life flash before her eyes but in the form of a movie; and Fujiki Naohito as a doctor who cannot forget a hurtful past.

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