image of drama Love Under the Full Moon (2021) [CDRAMA]

Love Under the Full Moon (2021) [CDRAMA]

During the "super moon" in 2011, Lei Chu Xia escaped from her murderer and travelled into the future to the year 2021. She appears in front of Xu Xiao Dong, and somehow, her existence seems to depend on Xu Xiao Dong’s presence in which they have to stay close to each other. Having no choice but to stay together, Xu Xiao Dong decides to help Lei Chu Xia recover her memory and find out the truth from 10 years ago.
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Also known as: Sweet on Series, Please Love Under the Full Moon, Man Yue Zhi Xia Qing Xiang Ai, 滿月之下請相愛

Genres: MysteryRomanceDramaFantasy

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Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E01.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 685.4MB
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Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E03.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 657.5MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E04.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 685.6MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E05.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 693.2MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E06.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 706.5MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E07.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 686.2MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E08.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 721.9MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E09.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 681.8MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E10.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 723.5MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E11.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 733.6MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E12.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 720.9MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E13.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 703.9MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E14.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 708.4MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E15.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 761MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E16.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 785.8MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E17.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 722MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E18.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 727.8MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E19.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 745.7MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E20.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 710.5MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E21.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 729.2MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E22.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 733.2MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E23.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 712.5MB
Love.Under.the.Full.Moon.S01E24.1080p.IQ.WEB-DL.AAC.H264-KMX.mp4 6 733.3MB

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