image of drama Light Chaser Rescue (2022) [CDRAMA]

Light Chaser Rescue (2022) [CDRAMA]

A devastating earthquake has occurred in Xichuan. Lawyer Luo Ben has gone to the disaster-stricken area to look for his younger and mute sister Luo Yuan. It's there that he comes into contact with the Light Chaser Rescue unit under the leadership of Captain Qing Shan and with his sister's new friend Xiong Fei, an integral part of the unit. Luo Ben also encounters Zhan Yan whom he met previously in less then ideal circumstances. However, he soon changes his mind about her as he comes to admire her selflessness and brilliance as a doctor.
Luo Ben bears witness to the people's sense of camaraderie in the face of adversity and becomes deeply inspired by the volunteer efforts. Luo Ben along with Zhou Min Ming and Ding Ding Ding join as the new recruits to the team. They survive Captain Qing Shan's "training from hell" and put their lives on the line in every rescue and disaster relief operation that pits them against earthquakes, fires, floods and typhoons. At the end of the day, though they finally grow into an elite rescue unit, will love find them in the most inhospitable of situations?
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Also known as: The Light of Life, Zhui Guang Zhe, Zeoi Gwong Ze

Genres: ActionThrillerRomanceDrama

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Light.Chaser.Rescue.S01E25.2022.4K.WEB-DL.H265.AAC-TJUPT.mp4 6 710.2MB
Light.Chaser.Rescue.S01E26.2022.4K.WEB-DL.H265.AAC-TJUPT.mp4 6 670.9MB
Light.Chaser.Rescue.S01E27.2022.4K.WEB-DL.H265.AAC-TJUPT.mp4 6 852MB
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Light.Chaser.Rescue.S01E31.2022.4K.WEB-DL.H265.AAC-TJUPT.mp4 6 697.5MB
Light.Chaser.Rescue.S01E32.2022.4K.WEB-DL.H265.AAC-TJUPT.mp4 6 714MB
Light.Chaser.Rescue.S01E33.2022.4K.WEB-DL.H265.AAC-TJUPT.mp4 6 626.7MB
Light.Chaser.Rescue.S01E34.2022.4K.WEB-DL.H265.AAC-TJUPT.mp4 6 739.8MB
Light.Chaser.Rescue.S01E35.2022.4K.WEB-DL.H265.AAC-TJUPT.mp4 6 556.7MB
Light.Chaser.Rescue.S01E36.2022.4K.WEB-DL.H265.AAC-TJUPT.mp4 6 728.8MB
Light.Chaser.Rescue.S01E37.2022.4K.WEB-DL.H265.AAC-TJUPT.mp4 6 927.8MB
Light.Chaser.Rescue.S01E38.2022.4K.WEB-DL.H265.AAC-TJUPT.mp4 6 710.6MB
Light.Chaser.Rescue.S01E39.2022.4K.WEB-DL.H265.AAC-TJUPT.mp4 6 820.9MB
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