image of drama Kono Koe wo Kimi ni (2017) [JDRAMA]

Kono Koe wo Kimi ni (2017) [JDRAMA]

Honami Takashi is a 46-year-old professor teaching mathematics at a university but lacks speaking skills thus is not very popular with his students. His wife Nao is fed up with him and leaves home with their child. At this juncture, he is told by the faculty dean to attend a speaking class where he gets into an argument with the lecturer Ezaki Kyoko as he thinks that she is haughty and not capable of teaching him anything while she thinks of him as a boring guy. Although Kyoko's superior Sakura intervenes to stop the argument, Takashi still leaves the class. A few days later, Takashi happens to bump into Kyoko unexpectedly at a recitation session.

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Also known as: This Voice is For you, My Voice For You

Genres: ComedyRomanceLifeFamily

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