image of drama Koi Desu: Yankee kun to Hakujou Girl (2021) [JDRAMA]

Koi Desu: Yankee kun to Hakujou Girl (2021) [JDRAMA]

Akaza Yukiko attends a high school for blind. She has amblyopia, which causes her to recognize colors only vaguely and she can recognize large letters with a magnifying glass. When she walks outdoors, she always carries a white cane. Nevertheless, she has a bright personality. One day, Yukiko happens to meet delinquent boy Kurokawa Morio. At first, Yukiko doesn’t like him, but she somehow gains an understanding of him. They become attracted to each other.
(Source: AsianWiki)
~~ Adapted from the manga "Yankee-kun and the White Cane Girl" (ヤンキー君と白杖ガール) by Uoyama (うおやま).

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Also known as: It′s Love: Yankee-kun and White Cane Girl, I′m in Love!: Yankee-kun and the White Cane Girl, Love′s In Sight

Genres: ComedyRomanceLife

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