image of drama KBS Drama Special Season 5 [KDrama] (2014) [KDRAMA]

KBS Drama Special Season 5 [KDrama] (2014) [KDRAMA]

Namgung Sang is a very clean guy with a stable job and elegant hobbies. But to the other people, he′s just a hysteric, old bachelor. Somehow he ends up sleeping on the same bed with Manager Lee. Nothing actually happens, but he begins to have a bad feeling. And there′s another girl, Yu Ji Na, who′s very young and cute. To allure her into marrying him, he goes to the amusement park with her and even lies to her father. But he ends up getting into big trouble. Being upset, he says some harsh things to Manager Lee. Then he tries to make up with her by asking her out on a date, but he faces an unexpected truth.
(source: KBS World)

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Also known as: Playing Games, Fickle Minded, Deuleossda Nwassda, 드라마 스페셜 2014 - 들었다 놨다, Deurama Seupesyeol 2014 - Deuleossda Nwassda, 드라마 스페셜 2014: 들었다 놨다, Lift and Put Down, Drama Special 2014 - Playing Games

Genres: ComedyRomanceDrama

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KBS Drama Special Season 5 (2014) 540p SAM Complete [English Subtitle].rar 6 544.3KB
KBSDS.S5.E90.Taste.of.Curry.540p-SAM.mkv 6 525.5MB
KBSDS.S5.E91.Stone.Day.540p-SAM.mkv 6 609.7MB
KBSDS.S5.E92.Fickle.Minded.540p-SAM.mkv 6 521.1MB
KBSDS.S5.E93.Pretty Oh.Man.Bok.540p-SAM.mkv 6 614.9MB
KBSDS.S5.E94.Crying.Woman.540p-SAM.mkv 6 473.7MB
KBSDS.S5.E95.I.Will.Be.Dead.Soon.540p-SAM.mkv 6 495.5MB 6 434.2MB
KBSDS.S5.E97.Monster.540p-SAM.mkv 6 411.6MB
KBSDS.S5.E98.Two.Junior.High.School.Students.540p-SAM.mkv 6 440.3MB
KBSDS.S5.E99.Love.Like.That.540p-SAM.mkv 6 453.7MB
KBSDS.S5.E100.18.Years.540p-SAM.mkv 6 362.1MB
KBSDS.S5.E101.Illegal.Parking.540p-SAM.mkv 6 540.2MB
KBSDS.S5.E102.Dreaming.Man.540p-SAM.mkv 6 474.1MB
KBSDS.S5.E103.Seven.Black.540p-SAM.mkv 6 463.2MB
KBSDS.S5.E104.Bomi s.Room.540p-SAM.mkv 6 449.7MB
KBSDS.S5.E105.End.of.Summer.540p-SAM.mkv 6 471.7MB
KBSDS.S5.E106.Three.Runaway.Girls.540p-SAM.mkv 6 566.8MB
KBSDS.S5.E107.Cry.Differently.540p-SAM.mkv 6 479.2MB
KBSDS.S5.E108.Suspicious.7th.Ward.540p-SAM.mkv 6 485.4MB
KBSDS.S5.E109.Search.for.Battle.540p-SAM.mkv 6 485.7MB
KBSDS.S5.E110.Ugly.Love.540p-SAM.mkv 6 404.4MB
KBSDS.S5.E111.The.Last.Puzzle.540p-SAM.mkv 6 427.4MB 6 488.7MB
KBSDS.S5.E113.Revengeful.Spirit.540p-SAM.mkv 6 454.3MB
KBSDS.S5.E114.The.Reason.Why.I.Drink.540p-SAM.mkv 6 449.2MB 6 415.5MB 6 462.8MB

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