image of drama Kazoku no Uta (2013) [JDRAMA]

Kazoku no Uta (2013) [JDRAMA]

Hayakawa Seigi was once a popular member of the rock band "Out of Justice," but after the breakup of the band 13 years ago, Hayakawa Seigi′s life has become a mess. He drinks alcohol a lot now and does a live 30-minute radio show in the early mornings while occasionally attending fan meetings.
One day, Hayakawa Seigi meets three young girls, all first graders in middle school, and learns that he is the father of the girls. He begins to take care of the girls but has to hide their existence from his management office, who are just looking for an excuse to drop him from his contract. Through the girls, Hayakawa Seigi is able to grow and mature as a person.
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Also known as: Family Song

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