image of drama Kanojo wa Kirei datta (2021) [JDRAMA]

Kanojo wa Kirei datta (2021) [JDRAMA]

Hasebe Sosuke is the deputy editor-in-chief of the Japanese edition of the fashion magazine, ′The Most′ a worldwide publication. He is an unfriendly and cold rationalist transferred from New York to complete a mission. When young, he was overweight and often bullied. Now a handsome elite, he aims to reunite with his first love.
Meanwhile, that first love Sato Ai is unemployed and living with her best friend since her company went bankrupt. Hired as an intern at ′The Most ′, Ai is an energetic, cheerful, and honest co-worker.
Once a beautiful honor student, she can be timid and overly self-conscious. While she does meet Sosuke again, she hides her true identity.
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Also known as: She Was Pretty, Kanojo wa Kireidatta, かのきれ

Genres: ComedyRomanceDrama

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