image of drama Kamikaze Girls (2004) [JDRAMA]

Kamikaze Girls (2004) [JDRAMA]

Momoko yearns to be part of the Rococo aristocracy. A shame then, as she was born two centuries too late. Ardent loner, Momoko was born into the Yakuza heartland. She feels, however, more at home in Versaille than in her distant town of Shimotsuma, Ibaraki. Her appetite for the lavish doll-like fashion known to its disciples as "Lolita" is insatiable.
The uber-rebel, Ichiko, is a Bosozoku motor-cycle-gang member. On a fifty C.C. scooter. Laugh at your own risk before she knocks your teeth out. Her Pony-tails gang is one of Ibaraki′s "wild speed tribes" whose teeth-rattling customized bikes are decked out with fibreglass shields and bannered backrests. She, too, is decked out in her elaborately decorated Tokkofuku boiler suits.
In a world as colourful as Momoko′s sweet-filled lunch box, the paths of these two incongruous girls cross one languid summer. Asses are kicked (and garments are embroidered). KAMIKAZE GIRLS: where Rameau meets the Japanese underbelly on the summery streets of Tokyo. Meet some different Girls on a Motorcycle that would make The Bride blush...

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Also known as: Shimotsuma monogatari

Genres: ComedyCrime

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