image of drama Joshikousei no Mudazukai (2020) [JDRAMA]

Joshikousei no Mudazukai (2020) [JDRAMA]

Sawatari, nicknamed Waseda, is the homeroom teacher of class 1-2 of Sainotama High, a girls′ school. His students are a bunch of hilarious weirdos: "Baka", the not-so-bright tomboy who nevertheless surprises, time and again, by asking some deep, thought-provoking questions; "Wota", the aspiring mangaka / desperate otaku; "Robo", the emotionless genius with her sharp and witty replies; "Loli", the younger-looking girl who provides some of the funniest moments; "Majo", the occult buff; "Yamai", the adorable nutjob lost in her fantasy world; "Majime", the serious and strong one; "Lili", the "haafu" transfer student with sapphic tendencies... not to forget some more wackos like the vice-principal, the nurse, the neighborhood cop.
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Also known as: Wasteful Days of High School Girls, Joshi Kosei no Mudazukai

Genres: ComedyYouth

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