image of drama Joseon X Files 2010 [KDRAMA]

Joseon X Files 2010 [KDRAMA]

Secret Investigation Record is based on cases detailed in the Annals of Joseon History with a bizarre twist; these incidents incorporate mysterious, supernatural elements that cannot be explained through science. Kim Hyung Do is an inspector of the state whose single-minded focus on his investigations into administrative misdeeds bring him into direct contact with these strange mysteries. Heo Yoon Yi is a government employee who aids him and attempts to understand these scientific impossibilities with an open mind, in contrast to his cynicism.

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Also known as: Joseon X-Files: Secret Book, Gichalbirok, Joseon X-Pail Gichalbirok, 기찰비록

Genres: HistoricalMysterySci-Fi

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Joseon.X-Files.E01.100820.HDTV.H264.CHAN-[WITH S2].srt 2 34KB
Joseon.X-Files.E01.100820.HDTV.XViD.HiFRiEND-[WITH S2].srt 2 33.9KB
Joseon.X-Files.E02.100827.HDTV.H264.CHAN-[WITH S2].srt 2 28KB
Joseon.X-Files.E03.100903.HDTV.H264.CHAN-[WITH S2].srt 2 39.4KB
Joseon.X-Files.E04.100911.HDTV.H264.G-[WITH S2].srt 2 33.9KB
Joseon.X-Files.E04.100911.HDTV.XViD.HiFRiEND-[WITH S2].srt 2 33.9KB
Joseon.X-Files.E05.100918.HDTV.H264.G-[WITH S2].srt 2 39.4KB
Joseon.X-Files.E06.100925.HDTV.H264.G-[WITH S2].srt 2 36KB
Joseon.X-Files.E07.101001.HDTV.XViD.HiFRiEND-[WITH S2].srt 2 30.1KB
Joseon.X-Files.E08.101008.HDTV.H264.G-[WITH S2].srt 2 33KB
Joseon.X-Files.E09.101015.HDTV.H264.G-[WITH S2].srt 2 35.9KB
Joseon.X-Files.E10.101022.HDTV.XViD.HiFRiEND-[WITH S2].srt 2 39.5KB
Joseon.X-Files.E11.101029.HDTV.XViD.HiFRiEND-[WITH S2].srt 2 30.6KB
Joseon.X-Files.E12.101030.HDTV.XViD.HiFRiEND-[WITH S2].srt 2 19.6KB
Secret.Investigation.E01.H264-CHAN.avi 2 692.5MB
Secret.Investigation.E02.H264-CHAN.avi 2 699.8MB
Secret.Investigation.E03.H264-CHAN.avi 2 686.8MB
Secret.Investigation.E04.H264-G.mp4 2 500.8MB
Secret.Investigation.E05.100918.H264-G.mp4 2 500.8MB
Secret.Investigation.E06.H264-G.mp4 2 500.8MB
Secret.Investigation.E07.XViD-HiFRiEND.avi 2 700.6MB
Secret.Investigation.E08.101008.H264-G.mp4 2 500.8MB
Secret.Investigation.E09.H264-G.mp4 2 500.8MB
Secret.Investigation.E11.101029.H264.450p-CHAN.avi 2 576.9MB
Secret.Investigation.E12.101029.H264.450p-CHAN.avi 2 595.4MB
Secret.Investigation.Records.E10.XViD-HiFRiEND.avi 2 700.7MB

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