image of drama Jikuu Tantei Oyu (2019) [JDRAMA]

Jikuu Tantei Oyu (2019) [JDRAMA]

One day, Yuka Sekiguchi who is working at a real estate company, had to take over her grandmother′s house and was asked to check for a hidden closet. Due to curiosity, she looked for it and found the hidden closet where she suddenly slips back in time to Edo clueless. She then meets Ukai Denzaburo, a policeman at Minamichi Police Station, who got her involved in an investigation of a murder and asked for her advice during the investigation due to his poor reasoning skills.

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Also known as: Time Travel Detective Oyu, Space-Time Detective Oyu, Space-Time Detective Oyu Oedo Scientific Investigation, Space-Time Detective Oyu Oedo Scientific Investigator

Genres: HistoricalMysteryDramaSci-Fi

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