image of drama Jang Bo-ri is here! (2014) [KDRAMA]

Jang Bo-ri is here! (2014) [KDRAMA]

“Can a long-lost daughter find happiness when she is reunited with her parents after 20 years?” In a complicated twist, a young woman from a wealthy family goes missing and is raised by a foster mom instead of her own parents. Meanwhile, her wealthy family adopts a girl to overcome the loss of their daughter. The tensions that arise when the daughter finds her real family results in a journey of understanding and forgiveness.
(Source: MBC)

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Also known as: Jang Bo Ri is Here, Jang Bori is Here, Wattda! Jang Bo-ri

Genres: RomanceDramaMelodrama

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Jang Bori Is Here! (2014) Complete Mixed (1080p 720p) WEB-DL AAC x264-LK [English Subtitle].zip 6 1.3MB

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