image of drama It's Ok, That's Love 2014 [KDRAMA]

It's Ok, That's Love 2014 [KDRAMA]

Konatsu has lost love. She was abandoned by her father who had a mistress; her mother died of illness; and her boyfriend cheated on her. The traditional tie-dying craft Arimatsu Shibori is all she lives for. Konatsu comes to a workshop in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture in order to become an apprentice to Reiko, a master of Arimatsu Shibori. Reiko imposes the care of her unmanageable dog on Konatsu as a read morecondition for becoming her apprentice. This dog was once an animal shelter dog abandoned by people. Konatsu makes the acquaintance of the vet, Kotaro through this. Kotaro, who is gruff but has a deep affection for animals, actually had a relationship with Reiko. Konatsu starts to have an effect on the relationship between Reiko and Kotaro little by little. Feeling threatened by Konatsu, Reiko gives her a baptism of fire, and on the other hand, intends to capitalise on this talent. Konatsu is soon competing with Reiko as a tie-dying artist and as a female. In the midst of the conflict, Konatsu matures as an adult and awakens to a fondness for people.

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