image of drama Iryu 4 [JDRAMA]

Iryu 4 [JDRAMA]

Big corporations and trading companies are buying out hospitals overseas or are building new hospitals to get into foreign countries in an attempt to earn foreign money through healthcare for wealthy individuals. On the other hand in Japan, the administration of mid-sized hospitals which shoulder medical treatment for the rural areas is badly off. This is compounded by the shortage of doctors. The successive closure of the most essential hospitals to patients make many people anxious. Amidst this harsh reality, Asada Ryutaro and Team Dragon regroup in order to create the ideal hospital and get into action. But there are numerous obstacles that stand in their way including the business consultant Okamura Tadashi. Okamura has been chosen one of the world’s 100 influential businessmen in connection to the many hospitals he has reorganised in the US. He has teamed up with Noguchi Takeo to try to promote a project which will provide high quality Japanese medical treatment to India. Japanese doctors are key for him to penetrate the market and he wants to recruit Team Dragon. However, they are not moved by money or prestige. So he tries all sorts of measures in an attempt to win them over.

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Also known as: Iryu 4

Genres: DramaMedicalManga

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